Repair manuals Deutz Agrotron 200 Use & Maintenance Manual PDF
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Deutz Agrotron 200 Use & Maintenance Manual PDF

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This manual describes options and equipment levels available throughout the various markets and therefore some of the items covered may not apply to your tractor.
This manual has been prepared with the aim of helping the owner and/or operator to carry out all the operations related to the use and maintenance of the tractor.
This manual is divided into nine main sections: safety, tractor identification data, instructions for use, wheel and tyres, lubricants and routine maintenance, electrical system, storage instructions, technical specifications, fault diagnosis.
This manual is a file PDF, which contains 354 pages, any one of which we can be printed easily. To work with manual you should use Adobe PDF Reader.


• Introduction to Safety
• Roll Over Protective Structures
• General safety rules
• Prepare for Safe Operation
• Servicing the Tractor
• Starting
• Work Safely
• General Operating Hazards
• Implements and Attachments

• Tractor serial number
• Engine serial number
• Tractor identification plate
• Original replacement parts

• Checking the tractor prior to starting work
• Access to the driving position
• Adjusting the steering wheel
• Electrical switches
• Adjusting the driver’s seat
• Passenger Seat
• Adjusting the rearview mirrors
• Instrument panel
• Right-hand console
• Ignition key
• Engine - first 100 work hours
• Starting the engine
• Cold starting
• Emergency starting through auxiliary battery
• Stopping the tractor
• Turbocharging
• Control pedals
• Multifunction consolle
• Engine speed controls (electronic rpm control)
• Shuttle control
• Gearbox controls
• Pre-selection of the starting gear
• Automatic POWER SHIFT (Manual/Automatic transmission)
• Electronic lift
• Wheel drive- Differential locks - ASM (SBA) controls

• Power take-off
• Rear power take-off 1000 rpm (optional)
• Economic - 750 rpm power take-off
• Front power take-off 1000 rpm (optional)
• Auxiliary hydraulic services control valve
• Auxiliary hydraulic services control valve with electro-hydraulic control
• Front hydraulic lift (optional)
• Class “A” drawbar (optional)
• Towing hitch
• Class “C” towing hitch
• Class “C” towing hitch with automatic height adjustment
• Class “D2" and ”D3" towing hitches
• Cramer towing hitch
• Three-point linkage
• Performance monitor
• On-board radar
• Cab
• Climate control
• Active carbon air filter (optional)
• CAN BUS - electronic system
• Cab with integral suspension
• Front fenders
• Hydraulic trailer braking (optional)
• Mixed-automatic air braking system

• Track width adjustment for wheels with adjustable rims
• Track width adjustment for wheels with fixed rims
• Bar axle track width adjustment with sliding hubs
• Ballast

• Lubricants and fluids
• Maintenance intervals
• Maintenance and inspection schedule
• Fuel storage
• Engine maintenance
• Cleaning the air filter
• Engine cooling system
• Oil cooler
• Servicing the central gearbox clutch
• Maintenance of the gearbox, differential and rear reduction units
• Maintenance of the hydrostatic power steering
• Maintenance of the front driving axle
• Checking operation of the differential lock controls
• Maintenance of the front and rear brakes
• Maintenance of the 3-point linkage
• Maintenance of the front P.T.O
• Maintenance of the compressed air braking system
• Maintenance of the climate control system
• Maintenance of the air conditioning system
• General cleaning of the tractor

• Battery
• Fuse box
• Lights
• Exterior lights for night work
• Headlight alignment

• Operations prior to garaging the tractor for a long period
• Preparing the tractor for use after a long period of storage

• Engine
• Transmission
• Rear PTO
• Front PTO
• Front axle
• Brakes
• Steering
• Rear hydraulic lift
• Front lift
• Cab and electrical system
• Dimensions and weights
• Ballast weights
• Speed tables
• Attachment of implements to the tractor
• Implement attachment points
• Engine
• Power Shift transmission
• Front and rear power take-off
• Front wheel drive
• Brakes
• Hydraulic lift
• Auxiliary hydraulic systems

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